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    For me art is expressing what is. I feel inspired by many things, such as people, nature or emotions. Nature is home, it takes me back to what matters, is a place that grounds me and where I am at peace. Going through the world with an open heart, mind and eyes is how I find my inspiration. If something catches my interest, I want to transfer in onto the canvas.

    I am drawn to abstract art, my compositions leave ample room for interpretation by the viewer and are non-prescriptive – they can be different things to different people, anything for anyone. The production process is messy with loud music and flying paint. It makes me feel free and content.

    If you are interested, please read on, explore my website, enjoy my art and feel free to get in touch.




    Mirjam Collor, born 1978 in Schleswig, Germany, is an independent artist currently living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    2004 Masters of Arts in communication science University Kiel, Germany

    2017 group exhibition Meerbusch, Germany
    2019 group exhibition Düsseldorf, Germany


    For inquiries, questions, collaborations pease feel free to contact me via email: